Top 4 Favorite Artificial Life Forms from the Movies

One of the things I love about sc-fi is that you can have such a diversity of character types, even aliens and artificial life forms. Here are a few of my favorite AIs.

#4 – Bishop

In Aliens, Ripley has trouble trusting Bishop because she’s had a bad experience with an artificial person. Throughout the movie Bishop comes through and plays an instrumental role in Ripley’s survival.

# 3 – Terminator

Who can forget the re-programmed Terminator played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in T2 – Judgment Day? Need I say more?

#2 – Sony

In the 2004 movie, I-Robot, Sony is a one of a kind hero. He may look like all of the other robots who are being used to stage a coup and take over the world, but he is unique. Did you know the voice of Sonny is provided by actor Alan Tudyk who also played Wash on Firefly?

#1 – Archer

In the 1998 movie Small Soldiers, ambitious toy designers use a surplus military chip to create smart toys. They create soldiers and, to give them an opponent, the Gorgonites.  When the toys turn out to be a little too smart, the soldiers go on the rampage and the Gorgonites do what they do best –hide. That is until their leader, Archer, convinces them to trust Alan, the teenager he’s befriended.  The relationship between Alan and Archer is completely endearing. Archer may only be six inches short, but his heart is ten feet tall.

Who are your favorites and why? Feel free to throw in TV or Book characters. BSG fans? Trekkies?

17 thoughts on “Top 4 Favorite Artificial Life Forms from the Movies

  1. Personally, I think I will always have a soft spot for HAL 9000 from 2001. Yes… I know that some people see him as the villain, but I see his as a victim. He’s given very distinct operating permeters as a computer and then programmed to ignore them in order to complete his mission. The result? A psychotic break that starts with hypochondria and ends up in murder.

    Sorry Dave… I can’t do that.

    After that? Well maybe the bots (Huey Duey and Luey) in Silent Running. I always liked them and thought it was terribly selfish of the protaganist (whose name escapes me) to take the wounded one off with him to get blown up at the end. Very sad indeed.

  2. 1. Arnold (our governator as the Terminator) for sure!

    2. Bishop – like him a lot, but he’s not my most memorable character.

    3. My very, very favorite AIs? Too bad they aren’t in the movies – the Cylons. OMG! I adore the Cylons, especially the Sharons and Caprica Six.

    Great topic!

    • I know a lot of people adore the Sharons. There are some great ones in books, too. Anyone remember Martha and Corth in Johanna Lyndsey’s Warrior’s Woman?

    • Yes indeed, the Cylons are brilliant… though I loved the Centurians. I must admit, I do wonder how they will all turn out in Caprica.

      I haven’t read Warrior Woman (funny enough, as that I spent twenty five years studying warrior women… albeit those from the real world). I’ll have to pick it up.

      PS I agree with Bishop. A great AI.

      • Be warned, Warrior Woman isn’t a credible SciFi. It is a rolicking fun romance with a bit of a culture clash and a thinking space ship that kept me laughing.

        Bishop had lots of subtle moments that made him memorable. Loved the scene where he is getting into the tunnel and one of the soldiers hands him a gun, he takes it then passes it right back out. I’d love to read a story told from the point of view of an AI that is thinking, but limited by some safety program. What a great internal conflict. If anyone knows of something like that, let me know!

  3. Bishop from Aliens rocked. but is there anything from those movies that didn’t rock?

    I’m with Thomas Evans, I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for Hal9000 as well.

    Marvin from Hitchhiker’s Guide is pretty sweet too. . .and speaking of Sam Rockwell flicks, have you seen his latest, Moon? the robot in that movie, voiced by Kevin Spacey is pretty rockin’ too.

    • I’ve heard a lot of good buzz about Moon, but have not seen it. It is on my TBW list.

      RE Aliens – hated 3! I try to purge it from my brain. A Bishop look alike does make an appearance in that one, but he is the bad guy.

      • Aliens3 was a disgrace. So awful that I don’t even consider it part of the canon. 😉

        You will LOVE Moon! it’s a little slow to start, but Sam Rockwell is crazy good.

  4. No one mentioned Data from Star Trek.

    I always liked his innocence.

    I’m also love Marvin from Hitchhiker. He left such an impression that my husband and I regularly mimic him whenever we’re doing something we don’t want to do.

  5. Just wanted to add that I found that AI with an internal conflict that I was looking for. The self aware Bubba in Maria’s upcoming True Believers is a-mazing! Look for a review of the book on release day.

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