A happy fact and the sad truth…



Stargate Universe: If you haven’t fallen in love with Stargate Universe yet, now is the perfect time. Leading up to the second season launch in October, syfy.com and hulu.com are cycling through the first season. The first five episodes are up now, but they will cycle on through August 30.  You don’t need to have seen any Stargate previous to this to jump in. This incarnation has all new characters and a very different vibe. It is a character driven story arc that develops across the season. For those of us who like romance, there are lovers jilted, a budding romance (though not my favorite), hopeless love from afar, and my personal favorite is a broken affair with the worst possible timing. I don’t want to spoil it, but it is good. This series is also not afraid to put characters in terrible trouble and to give them tough moral choices. Even character you like, don’t always take the higher ground. I highly recommend it!

Stargate DVD


Stargate, The Ark of Truth: This movie, available on DVD and Blu-Ray, was released after the tenth and final season of the original SG1 Series. Just watched it for the first time tonight. Regrettably, I don’t recommend it unless you where a big fan of SG1. This movie finishes off the story that dominated the last several seasons of the show and really should have been the season finale. Not worth a movie and that’s the sad truth.