Are aliens sexy?

Someone recently told me she didn’t think aliens were sexy. I’ve certainly heard this before.  When I was recounting this story last week, one of my writing bud’s spoke up to say “Charlie’s aliens are sexy” with great enthusiasm. Love you, sweety! But, since I do write aliens, I feel the need to make some effort to sway public opinion.

Unfortunately, a lot of the alien characters in SciFi TV and Movies are the bad guys or look like this guy. At first glance, not so sexy. But are we being a bit superficial? Admiral Akbar (Star Wars) had power, a worthy cause, and he definitely knew how to spot a trap. Doesn’t that make him at least a little sexy?

I put my thinking cap on and came up with a few more of my favorite alien heroes. You’ll have to let me know if you think they’re sexy.

Worf from Star Trek The Next Generation.

He was one of the first aliens that really caught my eye. Love the warrior types.

The predator from AvP.

I’ve been called freaky for liking this guy, and I agree that he’s a bit of a stretch in the looks department. You definitely want this guy to keep his helmet on! But he is a super cool warrior, with skills, honor, courage, and he proves himself capable of respecting the courage of the movie’s heroine.  How can that not be sexy?

Teal’c from SG1.

This guy sacrificed everything to join the humans and fight against the Goa’uld—with the aim of freeing his people. He is the epitome of the strong, quiet type and he has a subtle humor that gets me every time.

Spock from Star Trek.

Need I say more?

Ryan from ABC’s V.

Another alien you want to keep on his disguise. But since he’s been wearing it for years and his girlfriend never noticed anything weird. I think we can safely assume he won’t be going green and reptilian anytime soon. Ryan has charisma, courage, and a bit of a dark past. Very sexy.

Later this week, I’ll be posting some excerpts for my favorite sexy alien heroes from books. In the mean time, can you think of any sexy alien heroes? Come on Farscape, BB5, and Torchwood fans—surely you can come up with someone.

12 thoughts on “Are aliens sexy?

  1. There have been some sexy Time Lords – Matt Smith hasn’t done much for me yet, but David Tennent or Christopher Eccleston can eat my cake any time. Whatever that means.

    I don’t think I’ve found any non-humanoid alien sexy.

    And I was just thinking – a lot of the sci fi shows have sexy female aliens. Wonder who the target audience is. 🙂

  2. This probably doesn’t fit with your criteria of alien, but I thought Sonny from I, Robot was sexy.

    Any creature (or machine) who can draw with two hands simultaneously is aces in my book. LOL.

    I loved the voice too.

    • No, I think Sonny is made in the USA, so he isn’t really an alien. On the other hand all the Star Wars (a galaxy far, far, away) and BSG characters are aliens. So, if you’re a Luke or Han Solo fan they qualify.

      Did you know Sonny’s voice was the actor who played Wash on Firefly?

  3. Ref: Did you know Sonny’s voice was the actor who played Wash on Firefly?Did you know Sonny’s voice was the actor who played Wash on Firefly?

    I did not know that! It sure didn’t sound like him. That’s pretty cool.

    Thanks for the info!

  4. Eye-candy aliens are great, but caring relationships are what really does it for me. I liked the Original Star Trek episode with the Medusean ambassador, who was so ugly he’ would drive someone blind. But he really loved his human communicator, and that made him sexy to me.

    And Firefly’s Wash and Zoe–possibly the awesomest SF couple ever!

  5. (Pst! It’s Worf not Warf.)

    I agree that the alien women are the ones who are usually made up to look sexy and the males are usually the weird looking ones.

    Farscape’s Ka D’Argo is on the edge of looking too weird. However, he’s loyal, caring, and trustworthy which makes him sexy.

    G’Kar from Babylon 5 had an awesome character arc and he was also a loyal being. Lennier was another great male alien character from B5.

  6. Aliens are always sexy until you come across tentacle porn. 😛

    More seriously, pretty much all of my favorite scifi shows have/had sexy female aliens. Thinking about this I realized today that two shows, Deep Space Nine and Farscape, had sexy or at least aliens as the female leads. No humans.

    • I try to be open-minded, but tentacles make me cringe every time.

      You make a good point. I think there is a gender gap on this. Sexy alien women have always been more prevalent, right back to the green-skinned beauty from one of the original Star Trek episodes. So, do men accept alien woman more easily because they think of all women as an alien species anyway or are they just more enlightened? 😉

      It is great to see you here at the blog, Benjamin!

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