A secret identity revealed, a big move, and two cents.

Anne Stuart’s secret revealed! Plus a FREE e-book.

Recently at the RWA® national conference, Pocket editors announced that Anne Stuart will be coming out with a new paranormal series, featuring fallen angels. Reportedly, she’ll be writing this series under the pen name, Christine Douglas. While you are waiting for Anne’s new alter ego to emerge, she has a FREE e-book available, The Wicked House of Rohan from her current series, at the Harlequin eBook store.

Sherrilyn Kenyon makes a big move.

Grand Central Publishing (Hachette) announced that they will be continuing Sherrilyn Kenyon’s League Series. The first three books in the series were written early in Sherrilyn’s career then revised and re-released by St Martins Press, starting with Born of Night in 2009.  This is a futuristic romance series full of danger, high adventure, and amazing heroes. For us SciFi Romance fans, this is great news!

Get your Two Cents worth.

Pocket has launched a new online community for readers called Pocket After Dark. The site will feature exclusive content, message boards, and the Editors’ Two Cents blog. Be among the first to check it out at http://pocketafterdark.com

8 thoughts on “A secret identity revealed, a big move, and two cents.

  1. I had heard through the grapevine that Anne Stuart was writing a book about fallen angels. So glad to have the info. It’s going to be incredible! Thanks, Charlie!

  2. I found this site through Livejournal. I love sci fi romance and fantasy. Thanks for the tip about Anne Stuart, vie read good things about her so this will be my chance to check her out. I also picked up the latest SL Viehl book from her Stardoc series which is a great ongoing sci fi with strong romantic elements

  3. I’ve always loved Anne Stuart for her edgy characters. I’m sure her paranormal will be as awesome. She was such fun at the RWA Nationals Awards night. She walked on stage with elbow length purple gloves then peeled them off in style. Fun!

    Tae – welcome to the blog! I’m glad you found us. Thanks for the recommendation for SL Viehl. She’s been on my need to read list for a while. Any suggestion about where to start. Should I pick up the beginning of the series or dive in with the most recent?

  4. I am very picky about angels, fallen or otherwise. When it comes to matters of belief, suspension of disbelief becomes very difficult for me! One book who got it right, in my opinion, was Angelology by Danielle Trussoni, which is more supernatural suspense than paranormal. I also liked Kelly Gay’s The Better Part of Darkness, where the angel/demon origins were more science-fictiony than supernatural.

    The Pocket After Dark site is very interesting, and its about time more publishers did this. Giving readers a way to connect with authors is a good thing! I hope this trend continues.

    • A funny note, when the Pocket editors were asked what they’d seen enough of, they said they didn’t want to see any more angels stories…but they were still open to demons. Just made me laugh.

      Re Pocket After Dark, I think all of the publishers are scrambling to figure out how to market online and how to push to e-book readers. Over and over I heard them say that online reading blogs had become much more important in their marketing strategy than traditional reviewrs.

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