Stars in my eyes!

Yesterday was the RWA Literacy Book Signing in Orlando, Fl. This charitable event features hundreds of authors and draws thousands of readers. Authors like Linda Howard, Christina Dodd, JD Robb, and Nalini Sing all signing their latest paranormal and futuristic romances. There were truly too many to name. It was fun and encouraging to see authors and fans interact. All those people who love books – yay!

As a volunteer at the event I was able to walk through the signing floor before the authors arrived. Everywhere stacks of books. “Oh, pretty,” I said again and again. I wanted to lovingly caress the covers and hug them to my chest, but those were for other people I reminded myself. I felt like Gollum in a room full of precious rings.  

After the signing, I met fellow SFR Brigade members for drinks and we talked about sci-fi romance and how we’re all going to take over the world, mwhahahah! If you haven’t discovered the Brigade yet, be sure to check it out here:

Well, now I’m off to the Keynote lunch where Nora Roberts aka JD Robb will be speaking. Hope you’re having as much fun as me!

6 thoughts on “Stars in my eyes!

    • Hi Maria! Sorry for the late reply. Busy week. I mostly directed traffic and answered questions (where is Meg Cabot?). All part of my master plan not to go broke buying books. It was all for a good cause. They raised lots of funds for literacy.

  1. Oh Yes. I got to serve water to all of them at the literacy book signing. And I kept the water coming. Of course I laughed and told them they could have all the water they wanted but they couldn’t leave to go to the bath room…muhahahaha *evil laugh*

    I also got to breath the same refiltered air as Sherilyn Kenyon. *sigh*

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