Brielle Connors, fired from her job with the Cavaliers and apparently from the relationship she had with her boss, is left to her own devices. Her goal, prove to her former boss/boyfriend that he was an idiot to let her go. How to do that. Hmm.

Through, how shall I put it, clever determination (i.e. outright theft), Brielle manages to come up with the location of a mythical Xerian ship. Thought to have been lost during the war that ended decades ago, the ship and it’s payload are the find of the century (or whatever passes for a very long time in the Deadlocked universe). But Finn Strydom, an alluring, sea-green-skinned alien acquaintance/competitor, is already on the ship when Brielle docks. At this point, things get interesting. When I say interesting, I mean quite a few things. Amorous activities, capture by aliens, release, separation, a new job, another war. And some of those things happen more than once.

I think what I appreciated most about Deadlocked is the build up of the relationship that seems to mean one thing to Brielle and something different to Finn. Also, when they are separated, I agonized about how they would get together again. Because I just knew they were meant to have a happily ever after.

If the story continues in future books (as hinted at in the ‘Thank for reading!’ section after the end of the story), I will be interested to learn more about the universe that Brielle and Finn live in. There is a lot of conflict among several intelligent species out there. In Deadlocked, the conflict was more or less a device to get two characters together. I could see it becoming a more critical aspect of the story.

Mostly I like loosing myself in a complex 3- or 4- or 5-hundred page novel. But March and April have been novella months for me (Quickshot, Noble Secrets, Captured by the Cyborg and Deadlocked). Deadlocked comes in at only 91 pages (according to Goodreads). Despite the meager quantity of pages, Deadlocked has everything a girl would look for in a SciFi Romance. Tough heroine, sexy hero (alien sexy hero), space ships, a threat of war, danger, adventure and a spicy romance!


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