Spotted: Rare and Important Icon of SciFi

I recently parked next to this rare and ancient communications device and it got me to thinking about SciFi. Admittedly, everything gets me to thinking about SciFi. AnyHoo, I was thinking what a loss the decline of the phone booth is for SciFi.

Why couldn’t they have just evolved? I remember in Demolition Man, the future had phone booths that also offered psych counseling and a comprehensive database. Does the decline of the phone booth mean we will never see that marvel?

On the other hand, if you look at my picture of a modern phone booth, you can see why this evolutionary trail is dead ending. When they took the booth out of phone booth and turned it into a phone pole it really made it a lot less useful. I mean Superman could hardly use this to change clothes and this definitely wouldn’t work as a Tardis.