How do two uptown boys end up in the gutter?

SNUTSIn Something New Under the Sun by L.A. Witt, Liam and Daniel are reunited lovers out to take down an evil corporation in a dystopian future where the wealthy live in skyscrapers that reach into the sky, funneling their pollutants down to be breathed in by the less fortunate who live below in the dangerous ‘gutter’ area of factories and poverty. Both men are the sons of prominent ‘Sky’ families and Daniel is the son of the man at the top of Cybernetix—the corporation they are determined to see fall.

A dystopian world with lots of character surprises.
It is a cool world, but wait, when it comes to the characters, there are more twists here than you can count. I won’t spoil them all for you, but I can say I was surprised by a few and I can give away the one that opens the book…Liam comes from a prominent Vampire family. These aren’t your ‘cursed by god’ vamps—they’re entire race was created by a genetic modification. We meet Liam at a point when he has been long cast out by his family and has done terrible things to survive. Most recently, he was hired to kill Daniel by Daniel’s father. That apparently, didn’t go down as planned.

Romancy without being a romance.
Liam and Daniel are great together and the scenes of the two of them getting reacquainted and learning who they each have become are touching and sweetly sexy. I loved watching them re-learn to rely on each other as they face one harrowing situation after another and charge their way forward, men on a mission that seems determined to land them in prison or dead.


My one disappointment was that their moment of re-connection came in an earlier story that I hadn’t read. My suggestion…get both books and read them together. The first book, A Chip in His Shoulder, is short at 84 pages and Something New Under the Sun is only about 200 pages. Together, they would make a more typical, novel-length read.The author did a good job of giving enough detail from the earlier story that I was never lost or confused, just wishing I’d read that story first. Usually in a romance, the relationship is not solid when the story starts, but in this story it very much was. They were still feeling their way through things, but there was never any doubt that they were an inseparable couple from start to finish.

Genre:  Dystopian Thriller

Length: Short Novel

Primary Book Format: e-Book

Publisher: Riptide Publishing

Publication Date: January 21, 2013

Blush Quotient: Pink