WebTV: Space Janitors

Today’s feature: WebTV!

      Space Janitors is a comedy sci-fi web series produced in Toronto and the perfect treat for fans of Star Wars or Sci Fi in general. It was created by Davin Langyel and Geoff Lapaire and funded in part by the Independent Production Fund and the Ontario Media Development Corporation. Space Janitors was recently nominated for the Canadian Screen Awards for Best Original Program of Series produced for Digital Media. Season one consists of eight episodes available online; Season Two is scheduled to premiere this spring.


Space Janitors follows the adventures of Mike and Darby; two janitors aboard and unnamed evil space station working for and empire run by an unnamed “Dark Lord” . Each episode follows Mike and Darby’s adventures with an eclectic groups of friends: a self-aware android named LN6-K (or Elle), a computer psychologist named Edith, and a clone ‘squall’ trooper named Dennis 4862.

   The Star Wars in-jokes come fast and furious; but there are moments that resonate with any fan of science fiction who can take a critical but loving look at the genre and its films. Let’s be honest-plenty of time SF films can stretch credibility or falters within its own internal logic in plot; but we still love it anyway if the story is engrossing and the characters are dear to our hearts. Space Janitors takes these flaws and makes a loving parody of them-allowing it to be used as comic fodder.

   The main characters, Mike and Darby, are in some ways typical ‘fan boy’ characters in this SF comedy genre. They play their roles well, but the supporting characters are just as good. The trooper character, Dennis, shines in his role or roles as he often plays against clones of himself engaging in conversations about the empire. Edith was the only character that I felt was a bit underused. It is still a little unclear as to what a computer psychologist does, but in episode two the actress gets a moment to shine.

   There is a lot here to enjoy.  It will be interesting to see the storyline develop in Season two-perhaps becoming more complex. Season one can stand on just Star Wars inside jokes, but they will have to expand to keep it from becoming stale.

   Cast features: Brendan Halloran as Darby Richards, Pat Thornton as Mike Chet, Tess Degenstein as LN6-K, Evany Rosen as Edith Kingpin, and Scott Yamamura as Dennis 4862.

Site:  http://www.spacejanitors.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/spacejanitors

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/spacejanitors

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