Meet author Nancy J. Cohen

I’m super excited to welcome author Nancy J. Cohen to the blog today for our first author interview. Nancy previously published futuristic romances under the name Nancy Cane and more recently, penned the long running Bad Hair Day Mysteries. Nancy’s latest book release is Silver Serenade, a futuristic romance available from The Wild Rose Press.

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Now, on to the interview…

CHARLIE: Nancy, can you tell us a little about the new book and what inspired it?

SilverSerenadeNANCY: I was intrigued by the notion of what would happen if my main characters shared the same goal but for different reasons.  In Silver Serenade, Silver and Jace are both hunting the same villain, Tyrone Bluth, the leader of Tyrone’s Marauders.  These space pirates prey on innocent colonists and destroy settlements.  Framed for murder on his home world, Jace needs Tyrone Bluth alive to prove his innocence.  Silver, an assassin for S.I.N. (Security Integrated Network) means to kill Bluth who destroyed her family.  They team up to catch the bad guy, but what will happen when they succeed?  Which one will make a sacrifice to help the other?  I just had to write their story to find out how it ends.

CHARLIE: Whether you’re writing about the future and far off worlds or contemporary South Florida, you always do an incredible job of creating a richly realized world for readers to dive into. What fun or interesting world elements can readers look forward to in Silver Serenade?

NANCY:  The action begins on the arid planet of Al’ron, a watering hole for space travelers not welcome elsewhere.  Silver takes a shot at Bluth but Jace knocks her aim off.  Bluth’s henchmen go after them.  On the run, Silver and Jace disguise themselves to dock at a space station for repairs.  When they run into trouble and can’t access their ship, they hire on as crew for a freighter that turns out to have an unexpected cargo. From here they jump to future Earth with aircars, turbo scooters, and flying trains. Their adventures continue on the mysterious planet of Stacktown which is rumored to be haunted, and then on to Elusia, home planet of Jace’s alien valet. Each place comes alive with sensory descriptions, foods common to the culture, smells and sounds, and other details that give them a futuristic feel. Silver Serenade is a fast-paced romantic adventure set on other worlds.

CHARLIE: What do you enjoy most about writing futuristic romance in comparison to other genres?

NANCY:  Futuristics give me the freedom to write anything I want. There’s no limit to my imagination, unlike mysteries that are grounded in reality.

CHARLIE: Should we expect to see more futuristic romances from you in the near future?

NANCY:  I have some sequels in mind but right now I’m working on a paranormal romance series that takes place on modern day Earth. It’s based on Norse mythology and includes ancient prophesies, women with special powers, and warriors from outer space. Once that’s done, I can return to Silver’s universe.

CHARLIE: I got my copy of Silver Serenade as an e-book directly from The Wild Rose Press website, in a process that was easy and pain free. Instant gratification! Can you tell us if there are other ways to get Silver Serenade and your earlier Light-Years Trilogy?

NANCY: You can order a print version of Silver Serenade at The Wild Rose Press: here,  plus the major online bookstores like Amazon have digital and print editions.

As for the Light-Years Trilogy (Circle of Light, Moonlight Rhapsody, Starlight Child): Order the print version directly from iUniverse:  here.

For digital copies, go to Belgrave House: here.

Or again, try the major online retailers.

CHARLIE: Just for fun, if you could be any character from Star Trek who would you be?

NANCY: I’d either be Dr. Beverly Crusher (is that right?) in The Next Generation or Deanna Troy. She gets to marry Riker.

CHARLIE: Thanks, Nancy, for visiting the blog!

NANCY: Thank you so much for inviting me.  Live long and prosper!

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