Dragons anyone? Featuring Dragon Guardian by Eden Glenn

Hi everyone! Charlee here with something very special to share. My long-time friend and writing-buddy-supreme, Eden Glenn, has a new release I can’t wait to tell you about.

EdenGlennWhen Eden and I met some years ago, she was working on a very sexy tale about dragon shifters. I loved it and her writing voice instantly. It’s quirky, sexy, and rich; and like a fine wine, it has only gotten better with time. I would have loved to see it fly back then, but publishing was a very different place then and moving fast.

Eden had a plan and it turned out to be a great one.

For the last year or two she’s been writing shorter stories over at Rebel Ink Press–most of which are subtly tied to the dragon-shifter world by an amethyst necklace that seems determined to hop from owner to owner, landing occasionally in the curiosities shop that is run by the heroine of Eden’s longer work. A work that she continued to polish and re-write until it grew into a three-volume story, destined to steam you up and twist you into knots.

Dragon Guardian, Volume One of the Drakin’s of Wyrmarach series is officially out next week, but just between me and you, the ebook is now available on Amazon. Here’s the blurb…

Dragon Guardian by Eden Glenn

DragonGuardianWren, Cathwren Aldridge, is catapulted into a steamy relationship with twin brothers Ethan and Caleb Monroe quite by accident when she falls through her stairs. She discovers nothing is what it seems and she may be Goddess foreordained for more. Not to be Queen of some small European country but a world in another dimension, a world of dragon shape shifters.

Evil stalks her, and it’s up to Caleb and Ethan to protect her while they figure out just what she is. Is she the one they’ve hoped for to unite them in their journey to the throne? Or will the strangeness of the truths they tell her drive her onto a path of self-discovery leaving them bound to a woman they can never have, The Dragon Guardian.

 Romance So Hot It Burns Off The Page


The Amethyst  Desire Collection 

Available now…

M/F/M Menage Contemporary Erotic Romance    F/F Contemporary Erotic Romance  F/F Paranormal Erotic Romance

And coming soon: Shifter’s Legacy (M/F/M Paranormal Erotic Romance)


Drakin’s of Wyrmarach

Here is a little more about the series:

The twins, Ethan and Caleb Monroe have gotten used to breaking rules to help their world while exiled in North Florida. Their sensory powers draw them to Cathwren Aldridge just in time to save her from harm. Evil stalks her, and it’s up to Caleb and Ethan to protect her while they figure out just what she is, human or something more?

Wren came to the small town to enjoy a quiet life running her shop, Salynne’s Crystals and Thyme. Now Wren’s on the run from ancient enemies who want her body and her emerging powers. Something is happening, unleashing feelings she can’t deny, feelings that urge her to push the boundaries of pleasure, feelings that whisper she’s something more than ordinary. Her conscience wages war with emotions urging her to climb into bed with these two very sexy dragon shifters and stay there.

The trio embarks on a hunt to uncover and eliminate the threat against Wren’s birthright. Together they struggle to discover the destiny of Dragon Guardian and monarchs of Wyrmarach.

Vol 1 Dragon Guardian – Available Now

Vol 1.5 Dragon Betrayal – Free Novella

Vol 2 Dragon Mark – Available Late 2014

Vol 3 Dragon Kings – Available 2015

And look for a related novella, Dragon Emergence, Fall 2014.

About Eden

Eden Glenn and her partner “the Lady Librarian” live in the eastern lee of the smoky mountains outside of Asheville, NC in a quaint southern home they’ve named Misselthwaite. Their family includes a cat and a lovable nuisance dog that should be in Japan. Eden has blue eyes, but her hair color is subject to change without notice. When she’s not writing she enjoys being Garden Goddess and exploring the Blue Ridge Mountains on her motorcycle.

Visit Eden’s website for information about upcoming releases and links to various social media networks http://www.edenglenn.com