News about this and that…

Hi everyone.  A quick post tonight to share some news that is already out there, but is worth an official shout out.

First, the blog has a cool new address. The old address will continue to work, but you can also now find us at Cool, right?

Next, the news of the day,  the Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly Issue 8 is out today! Here is the pretty cover.


Can I get an oooh and an ahhh? And three cheers for the fabulous SFRQ team, including Kaz Augustin, Heather Massey, and Diane Dooley.

Finally, a quick word of discovery. Some readers are trying to reinvigorate the SciFi Romance Group on Goodreads. If Goodreads is your thing, please be sure to stop by and give them a jolt. 😉 And if you’d like to share with us, any other SFR groups in need of a shout out, please make use of the comments.

Hasta la Vista, Babies.