It’s Hard Out Here In Space

If you think life here on Earth can be a struggle, imagine how complicated they are in space: Just ask the boys of K.C. Nekro’s new three part web series Space Boy Problems. In the first episode, “Gun Fun,” our unnamed protagonist and his goof-ball sidekick try to invent a working gun, and antics ensue – not quite to their advantage. Unburdened by complicated futuristic costumes, heavy alien make-up, and drastic set changes, Nekro employs sharp special effects in bright pops of color that make up for the sparse backdrop. In fact, it’s a mostly quiet couple of minutes punctuated by subtle but impressively crafted hints at an advanced extraterrestrial technology.


The humor is crude but silly – think fart jokes and beer, even a rubber sex toy makes a brief appearance – but it’s not just for the boys. Space Boy Problems is charming and funny. Plus, it’s short and sweet: at just under five minutes, the boys had me wondering what unique adventures space has to offer a couple of kids with too much time on their hands. Alien probes, perhaps? Time-traveling girls from a distant galaxy just as a ready for mischief as the guys? I look forward to finding out.