Comings and Goings On the Blog

“In the room the women come and go
     Talking of Michelangelo.”
                 The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock by T.S. Eliot

Charlee2013Okay, so we never really let anyone “go” from the blog, but I love this line from one of my favorite poems, so I thought it was close enough.

We do have some comings and quasi-goings happening on the blog.

You may have noticed the absence of our dear Serenity. She had a major move, job change, and so forth. She hasn’t been able to get to a place where she can be active on the blog, but I remain ever hopeful.

Trina is still graciously doing occasional reviews for us, but she has warned me they may be sparse at times because her own blog. After Dark Rendevous, is doing really well and taking more of her time. If you haven’t checked it out yet and subscribed, why the heck not!? It is fantastic, trust me on this. Go now, I’ll wait…….

Next, the coming part—that’s always my favorite. Who’s that snickering?


We have two fabulous new team members. Their bios have been on the Meet the Team page for a while. But since you never go there (How do I know that? I do look at the blog stats from time to time), I thought I’d introduce them here.

Jess Mahler is a new reviewer. She has been a long time friend of the blog and I always like to hear what she has to say about books. She is my go to gal for talking about topics like polyamory, POC, and kink in SFR. According to her bio, she is “a long time geek and romance fan who was ecstatic to discover two of her favorite things combined in Sci-fi Romance.”  I’m not sure yet how often she will be able to review, but we are lucky for however much of her time she can spare.


Kristal Hollis is new to the team with her first post up tomorrow. She’ll be doing a weekly series each Friday and I think you’re going to love it. She’ll also be doing reviews for us. Kristal has been a good friend to me for years and I’m eager for everyone to meet her. She’s smart, kind, and classy, with a bit of a wicked side. I’ll let you go read her bio to see for yourself. Be sure to check in for her post tomorrow!