Review: Glamour in Glass by Mary Robinette Kowal

ggRegency and magic (glamour).  Brain explodes.

I am so embarrassed. I slavered instantly over this book after reading the list of Nebula nominees on SF Signal (a really great website for science/speculative/fantasy fiction).  The first words I saw were Regency, Jane Eyre, and Magic . Oh I begged for this book hardcore.

Midway through, I was gently asked by a fellow book club member if I had read the first one.

::Blank:: there was a previous novel?

Yup. It’s called “Shades of Milk and Honey”. Which explains why I couldn’t understand why this was considered to have Jane Eyre reference or what the hell was going on.

Don;t judge…I know this has happened to every rabid bookworm. I’m just glad that I had already fallen in love with the story enough to go back.

Since I haven’t read “Shades of Milk and Honey”, I will go off from what I read.

In this regency alternate world, some people have the ability to be glamorists. Glamorists pretty much weave and hold on to threads on magic. They are considered to be exalted since the uses of a glamor are not only aesthetic but also tactical ( as we soon find out). It takes great skill, focus, and power to be a great glamorist such as our hero-husband, Vincent, He is married to our heroine-wife, Jane. Jane isn’t as skilled as Vincent but she makes up for it by being clever and brave. Oh so cunning and brave.

Jane and Vincent are on their honeymoon/visit to a friend. This simple start ignites a whole rush of events as together they discover a new addition to their abilities. An addition that will capture of the focus of Napoleons army.

I can’t go too much into it. The story is so well crafted and shocking. I am serious when I say shocking. In terms of a novel set in the regency area, it is pretty shocking what happens to the couple and how they deal with it. Sexy times are not rampant but the level of love and devotion is sky high.

Ugh I wish I can gush how awesome Jane is! She’s just bloody brilliant as R. Weasley would say.

This was ultimately an adventure/intrigue novel. The science portion comes in how the addition to the glamour works. It’s a great use of physics and light manipulation. Just to give one little clue, google refractometers. That’s as much as I’m willing to give away.

And during all this, there’s a bit of a nod to feminism, status, and such. That goes out the window to what Jane does for Vincent. Yeah, women are weak my a$$.

Did this novel deserve it’s Nebula award? Hell freak, yeah. If your just a regency addict as I am, then I would definitely add this to your book repertoire.

Length: Novel

Genre: Regency espionage

Primary Book Format: Paperback/e-format

Publisher/Imprint:Tor Books; Reprint edition (January 15, 2013)

Blush Quotient: Invisible

Smart Girls Rating:  5 stars

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(Disclaimer: This book was purchased for an honest review.)