WintertideIf you are a fan of author Linnea Sinclair, you might know all about Wintertide. A few years ago, as I was reading Ms. Sinclair’s SciFi romance novels, I became aware of Wintertide, but it was hard to find, so soon, I forgot all about it. Luckily for fans of Ms. Sinclair, recently Wintertide became very easy to find. After a re-release in February it found its way to my e-reader.

Khamsin’s story is a wonderful magical tale of adventure and realization. The child, Khamsin, was born during a dark magical storm and claimed by the powerful Sorcerer. She was raised by the wise old healer, lovingly called Tante Bronya. Bronya would devote herself to preparing Khamsin to face her destiny, though Khamsin has no idea what that will be.

Khamsin will take all of Tante Bronya’s teachings to heart. She will learn to seek wisdom and through that process, strength. I liked Khamsin’s determination to follow her destiny even if she has more questions than answers. And even if the path to destiny is encumbered by dangerous obstacles and dark magic.

Along the way, Rylin the Tinker will become Khamsin’s savior and friend. The friendship they develop feels comfortable and important. Khamsin also meets the healer Ciro. The shapeshifting, ancient, wise, warm teacher has an appealing sense of humor and a sense of Khamsin’s role in future of their world. The Kemmon-Ro Hill Raiders that Khamsin meets on her journey will cause her to question what she thought she knew, as will the final showdown with the Sorcerer.

I found Wintertide to be somewhat predictable. Despite that, there was plenty of charm in the protagonists, and lack of charm in the antagonists to keep me interested. I especially liked Nixa, the cat, and Cinnabar, the horse. Khamsin has a bond with both animals that allows her to see the world through their eyes. A talent that might come in handy for many of us that keep cats or horses as friends.

Wintertide is the ages-past prequel to the SciFi romance An Accidental Goddess. Each stands alone, but it fun to read both in order appreciate the evolution of this mythology from its very beginnings in Wintertide to its futuristic representation in An Accidental Goddess. These are two very different stories and both are recommended.

If you are expecting typical Linnea Sinclair military SciFi romance when you read Wintertide, you will be disappointed. If you are open to historical fantasy romance, you will be pleased. And if you also like cats and/or horses you will really like Wintertide! Wintertide is a fairy-tale complete with a quest, danger, adventure, magic and a happily ever after.

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