Wolves are hot but downplaying the Psy is not.

In Play of Passion, the ninth installment of Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changeling series, the focus is on the Snow Dancer wolf pack. These changeling wolves have been an important part of the series from the beginning, but this book moves us inside the den for an up-close look at the passionate wolf changelings.

The romance between the only female Snow Dancer lieutenant, Indigo, and the four years younger pack tracker, Drew, is steamy and intense. If you read this series exclusively for the romance you’ll love Play of Passion. Personally, I missed the Psy and the inevitable intrigue that comes with them. They weren’t entirely absent in this book but they were very much in the background for much of the story.

This book felt a little bit like the middle book in a trilogy–all set-up for the big confrontations brewing in the Psy-Changeling world and the much-anticipated romance between the Snow Dancer alpha and the young Psy cardinal who’s been pushing his buttons since book one.  Kiss of Snow, scheduled for release in May/June of 2011, promises to be a fantastic book, but I wish more of the intrigue had been pulled into Play of Passion. Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed this read and still recommend it for romance readers.

What I loved about the heroine: Indigo is smart, capable, and comfortable with her feminine strength.

What I loved about the hero: Drew is sexy, funny, charming, and much deeper than he appears at first glance.

Other cool stuff: Judd and Brenna, one of my favorite couples have some great on scene time in this story. Brenna being Drew’s sister made that likely, but it was Judd recognizing the Psy-like emotional control in Indigo that added some great unexpected moments.

Genre: Paranormal Romance, but I call this futuristic on an alternate Earth.

Primary format: Mass Market Paper

Publication date: November 2010

Publisher: Berkley