What exactly are Gremlins?

OK, I’ve already dated myself several times over, since you’ve met me. I’m going to do so again. Friday night was movie night with the man and it turns out Gremlins was on. I hadn’t seen it in years and neither had he.

I remember the movie from my childhood and I remember my cousin in Canada loving it so much that he actually had a Mogwai clock. I posted on Facebook that we were watching it and another cousin immediately posted that Gizmo was the best.

He is right Gizmo is the best! I’d forgotten just how much I liked the little fellow. But, before I go too far down memory lane. I wanted to find out just what Gremlins are.  They kind of touched on it in the movie, but this is a paranormal romance blog right? Plus you know that was the house of mouse version of a Gremlin.

I have to determine if they’re a good character for a story, a side kick or just plain evil, right?

So what are these creatures straight out of European folklore?

Well they originated out of The Royal Air Force in the 1920’s.  Gremlins according to the RAF are mischievous creatures who have an affinity for mechanical adventures  with their airplanes.   

Those adventures were of the destructive persuasion.  As far as I can tell they were just bent on mischief and not targeting the allies specifically.  So as you can see that Gizmo wasn’t close to the original Gremlin and Stripe and his crew were something out of the imagination as well. Though they did make for some memorable movie moments.

Have you ever wondered where a paranormal creature came from and, have you ever taken the time to look them up?