Q&A with Maria Zannini

Today, we have a Q&A with author, Maria Zannini where she promises to give us all the juicy details on how to become a rising, hot novelist.

Q: You have a new book out from Carina Press. What is True Believers about?
A: The usual. Sex, lies, and government cover-ups.

Q: Is writing hard?
A: Writing is easy. But editors are soooo picky. They insist that each sentence make sense. Sheesh!

Q: How does one become a published author?
A: Pure dumb luck…and a good book.

Q: Do you have any advice for new writers?
A: Yes.

Q: Could you tell us what that is?
A: No.

<<shoots daggers at Maria>>

Q: What do you miss most now that you’re on your second published book?
A: Sleep. Some authors say sleep is overrated, but they’re obviously deluded, suffering from severe sleep deprivation. Either that or they have kids, which means they don’t sleep anyway.

I’d kill for an uninterrupted night’s sleep. Every night it’s the same thing. I fall asleep, I dream about my latest work in progress, and BAM, before I know it, there’s Nathan Fillion taking off his clothes.

I’m so shocked, I wake up.

Q: Is it always Nathan Fillion?
A: No. Sometimes it’s Gerard Butler and his six-pack.

Q: How can readers get their copy of True Believers?
A: Pop over to Carina Press at this handy dandy link and click ‘Add to Cart’. You can also pirate the book, but I don’t recommend it. I have Rottweilers (big, meaty Rottweilers) and if mommy doesn’t sell her books, they don’t get their cookies.

You don’t want to see a poor Rottweiler go hungry, do you? Look at that cute face.

Can you say no to those baby brown eyes?

Q: Maria, this is shameless!
A: What’s your point?

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to tell our readers?
A: Well…I suppose I have to come clean. Everything I told you today is a lie. Except the part about the cute Rottweiler. His name is Tank, and I’d feed him even if you didn’t buy my book.

Maria Zannini’s latest release is a science fiction romance called TRUE BELIEVERS.

Mix one cynical immortal and one true believer and throw them into the biggest alien-hunt the world has never known. Rachel Cruz is a Nephilim masquerading as an archeologist and she’s stuck with an alien who believes she can lead him to his ancestral gods. Black Ops wants to find these gods too. They want them dead.

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