What scares you?

What doesn’t scare me…

Confession time…I love monsters! Okay, probably not so much of a shock to those of you who’ve read my writing. And with vampires and werewolves taking the hero role in romance novels, my love of monsters doesn’t seem as strange as it once did. But my love of monsters doesn’t stop with the pretty ones.

As a kid, I was fascinated by the Loch Ness monster.  Laurell K Hamilton wrote a wonderful story about a lake monster called A Scarcity of Lake Monsters, available in her collection, Strange Candy. One of the things I like best about Laurell is that she keeps her monsters scary—even the nice ones.

What does scares me…

But I digress. If monsters don’t’ scare me, then what? I am terrified of things that haunt your dreams (like Freddy Kruger). I always have a bit of trouble with books and movies that tell those kinds of stories. I’m also a baby when it comes to those creepy, up from the grave, ghosts. In the latest episode of The Gates the resident witch summoned up the spirit of a woman killed by my favorite vampire, Dillon. I had to keep skipping ahead (thank you hulu!). I had to get up and leave the movie theater during Stir of Echoes.

Aliens with acid blood, no problem. Big Foot, I’d just toss him my candy bar and smile. Lizard men, cool! But send me a ghost and I’m out of here.

So what scares you?