PNR set in Las Vegas

Hi guys,

It’s been a crazy couple of months and I’ve been traveling quite a bit. Some for business, some for family and the last was for pleasure.  The hubby had a conference in Las Vegas and since I’d never been to Las Vegas I decided to tag along.

A five hour flight on a crowded airplane and a short cab ride and I was at the MGM Grand with this view!


Which prompted me to start researching stories set in Las Vegas. I’ve read a few. The first I remember was actually given to me by Serissa Glass at my first Moonlight and Magnolia’s Conference. Channeling Moonlight in the Anthology Vegas Bites Back.

Next up is Christine Warren’s Walk on the Wild Side.

To follow that is Fired Up by Jayne Ann Krentz part of her Arcane Society series, first in her Dreamlight Trilogy.

There are tons more and if you’re interested here’s a list from Goodreads. Are you interested in books set in other places? Let me know I’m more than happy to spend sometime on the Google. 😉