Guest Book Review: Eden by Keary Taylor

Today’s book review is provided by Tim of Timmbot Science Fiction and Fantasy Blog. He is bringing us all the deets on a new postapocalyptic YA. Thanks Tim!

An infection has destroyed civilization and killed most of humanity. Those that survived the Fall struggle to survive. A small group of humans have come together to make Eden their sanctuary. But no one is safe.

Eve, one of the fighters protecting Eden, remembers the stories of life before the Fallen. She also knows the story of how they were changed from human to machine by the infection.

“The machine took over and the soul vanished.”

I liked the unique take on a post-apocalyptic survival story. Eden is about humanity falling to a medical technology advancement which was intended to save people. It’s very similar to zombie survival stories. But rather than eating human flesh, the Fallen seek out humans to convert their living flesh to machinery. It is a mandate of the infection that seeks to replicate itself that drives the hunters.

The main character is Eve, a smart, strong fighter that helps defend Eden from the Fallen. She doesn’t remember much of her past but what we learn over the course of the story is interesting and sheds a lot of light on the larger plot.

Eve struggles with her feelings toward Avian and West, the two heroes in the story. This is the bulk of the romance portion of the story – Eve’s inability to choose. The love story will seem a bit puritan for those who read “romance” novels since the steamiest it gets is kissing, cuddling and holding hands.

However, Keary writes it in a way that didn’t cause me to roll my eyes which is pretty good. Eden has just the right amount of sweetness and “awww”-factor. Let’s not forget this is a young adult novel. Ultimately, Eden is a love story.

What I Liked: Interesting, conflicted characters. Eve, a heroine you can really root for. A great premise and a solid plot.

What I Didn’t Like: Eve was a bit of a player when it came to choosing who she liked. Her vacillating was a bit annoying at times. And, there’s no sequel. Yet.


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