Hullabaloo Steampunk Indiegogo

Posted by Toni…

This is an indiegogo campaign that every 2D animation and steampunk lover needs to get behind. The minute I saw this I immediately threw my (sparse) money at it. I can live off of ramen for a few more days….

[what is this steampunk you say? well here’s a nifty link]

Hullabaloo is a beautiful 2D animation project from James Lopez. Lopez is a veteran Disney animator and you can see that reflected in the art style. It’s really similar to Brian Kesinger’s “Walking Your Octopus”, which I’m also a fan of. Kesinger has beautiful prints, books, and jewelry. Lopez has a film!

Hullabaloo is the story of Veronica. She has just finished an elite boarding school and has come home. Only to find her eccentric father missing. Through clues and the help of friends, she links the disappearance to an abandoned amusement park. Turns out her father has created an invention which some evil-doers want for themselves. So Veronica assumes the identity of a goggled crusader named Hullabaloo to save her dad.


It’s like a mix where you take Belle (from Beauty and the Beast), slap some goggles on her, upgrade her father to a successful inventor, and spice it all up with some crusading adventure.  I cannot even wait for this completion. I had no idea what I was missing from my life until I saw this trailer.

I grew up and will forever love 2D animation. In a world where money just erupted from my palms, then I would have my own 2D animation studio. From the popularity of the Paper Man, I know I’m not the only one who craves it. We just need some amazing stories.

The talent list on this project is off the charts. Animators that have worked on Disney films and voice talents like MARY ROBINETTE KOWAL.

Oh, did that name sound familiar? Well it should be! Kowal is the science fiction author of Glamour in Glass. I even wrote a little post about her here. Kowal has quickly climbed into my top favorite authors to follow. Her stories are fun and interesting (if you see her name in an anthology, just buy it). I’m also seriously jealous that I haven’t been able to see her during her blog tour where she dresses up in a regency dress. Kowal is awesome and is the reason that my wallet is as thin as paper now. Not even sure why I have a wallet now. All it contains are receipts.

On top of that, did you glimpse the model of the car?! I am itching to re-create that.



I encourage everyone to check out the indie go go campaign here. You will know very quickly when you fall in love with it. Whether or not you do, feel free to share. The world needs more 2D steampunk animation!!!!