Tequila is never the answer.

Tequila avoidance is a lesson I learned at the tender age of seventeen. If Shannon from The Devil To Pay had just asked me, I could have warned her. But then she would never have met Michel and Liam and that would have been a rotten shame.

The Devil To Pay is the first novella in Maria Zannini’s Second Chances series. When Shannon’s life is falling apart she indulges in bad tequila and offers up her soul for a way out. Unfortunately, she wasn’t real specific about who she was offering it to and both heaven and hell decide to collect. The collection agents, or soul harvesters, are two incredibly sexy half brothers. Which one will take her soul and which one will lose his heart trying to save it?

This story sizzles with lusty indulgence. I’m tempted to call it a sexy romp, because it can be as wonderfully funny as it is hot, but that wouldn’t really convey how deeply the author makes you care for these characters. You can’t help but root for them, cry for them, cheer for them.

I will definitely look forward to new installments in this series.

Primary format: ebook (Kindle)

Publication date: June 2011

Publisher: Bad Dog Press

This book was kindly given to me by the author.