Disgruntled Southern Ghost.

Last week my sister in law was in town from Virginia. And one night as we ventured out for pirogi’s at a local polish restaurant, we passed a cemetery. Now according to my sister in law, it seems the cemetery is haunted by a ghost not, a Jumbie as we were discussing last Sunday.

So after we’d dropped her off, what did the husband and I immediately do? Look it up of course. After all isn’t that what Google is for?

So as soon as we settled onto our respective couches we went to work. Now I’m not a lover of cemeteries so there is no way that I’ll be hanging out in on in the dead of the night, looking for a ghost to show up. I may love the paranormal but I love it from the relative safety of my love seat or camp chair around a bonfire.

This ghost is a disgruntled southern gentleman. One who does not appreciate being buried in an unmarked grave.  An owl will screech into the night signaling Benjamin Miles’ appearance in tan colored work clothes.  I’ve yet to find out exactly what he does to express his displeasure.

Though he is referred to as an angry ghost here:

And, the atmosphere is said to be hostile here:

I’m sure I’m stereotyping, but somehow I think he might be rather eloquent in his displeasure if he could speak. But that’s supposition.

I don’t know about you but, I don’t spend much time in cemeteries. If there’s a funeral I’ll go, but I’m not fond of them. Depending on where your loved one is buried you might have to actually step on a grave to get to the burial site you’re going to.

I’ve been known to “beg pardon” as I do so. After all it’s terribly rude to step on someone’s final resting place. At least I think so.  Besides, then you have to worry about some unknown ghost, or jumbie following you home. Or even worse what happens if one of the undead liked the shape of your ankle. No thank you.

But all this talk of ghost brings to mind the movies “The Lady in White” a horror film that came out in 1988 and of course since we’re on a romance blog the movie “Ghost”.

The Lady in White I remember vividly from childhood and looks a little hokey now but I remember being thoroughly terrified while unable to look away.  Ghost was the only movie can remember that sort of convinced me, it might be possible to have a spirit as a love interest. Still not totally convinced though.

Have you come across any good ghost stories romantic or otherwise?