Cover Reveal Sword and Star by Sunny Moraine

Today we are pleased to offer an exclusive cover reveal for Sunny Moraine’s upcoming Sword and Star


Coming Dec 21st, 2015      (Length 415 pgs)

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Sword and Star

Three months after a brutal battle at Peris, Adam Yuga, Lochlan D’Bideshi, and their rebel fleet are embroiled in a new conflict. But things aren’t going well. Even with Lock’s homeship, Ashwina, at the head of the fleet, the Protectorate forces are adapting to their tactics. Before long, two devastating blows send the ragtag rebels on the run. But the greatest threat may come from within.

Since the battle at Peris, Protectorate loyalist Isaac Sinder’s determination to eliminate the rebel fleet has only intensified—along with his ambition. The Protectorate is decaying, and it’s clear to Isaac that only he can save it, by any means necessary.

As the situation worsens for the rebels, the strain begins to tell on everyone. But more than exhaustion grows within Adam. Something alien has started to change him. Lochlan fights to hold on, but even he may not be able to follow Adam down the dark road ahead.

As Isaac’s obsession turns to insanity, it becomes evident that more sinister plans than his are at work. Bound together by threads of fate and chance, Adam and Lochlan turn their eyes toward a future that may tear them apart—if they’re lucky enough to survive it at all.

The Root Code Series

Sword and Star is book 3 in the Root Code series and is available for pre-order on the Riptide Publishing website. Every Pre-order from the site enters you for a chance to win free books for a year. And the site offers all ebook formats and is very easy to use. You can even have them send a book directly to your Kindle. Also available in the series:

Line and Orbit FallAndRising_600x900
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