My Favorite Star Trek Characters

Welcome to the Star Trek As We Know It Blogfest! I’m thrilled to be a part of celebrating one of SciFi’s most influential and fun franchises. With over forty years of content it is hard to choose favorites of anything, but here are my top five favorite characters.

5. Quark from Deep Space Nine

Quark is the Ferengi bar owner who started out as comic relief but became so much more. I think the thing that draws me to Quark is his very different worldview. One of the areas where Star Trek is weak as a SciFi show is that most of the aliens are just humans with make-up. Quark not only looks more strikingly different (gotta love those ears) from the humans, he thinks differently. You might not like the way he thinks, but you have to give him credit for cleverness and consistency.

4. Janeway from Voyager

For all I tease about Captain Janeway’s pink night gown and tumble-down hair from the first few seasons, I really love this Star Fleet officer. Of all of the captains, I think she is probably the most like the original Captain, Kirk. Not that she is a womanizer, but she is a spirited risk taker—often the individual who swoops in to save the day. They also did a good job of providing a lot of depth and layers for Janeway. Her love of science and exploration run consistently through the show’s seven seasons as does her determination to see her crew safely home.

3. Picard from The Next Generation

I loved TNG when it originally aired, but much of it doesn’t hold up well and comes across as campy when I watch it now. Picard, and Patrick Stewart, single handedly “class up the joint” for me. Imagine the casting director pulling a Shakespearean actor onto the cast and setting him at the helm of a campy crew. They also gave him lots of good meaty moral dilemmas. Have to love him and his memorable Earl Gray, make it so, engage!

2. The Doctor from Voyager

He started out as a hologram and outgrew his data matrices. I think I love him as a character because he is awkward and arrogant and earnest. Watching his growth through the series enthralled me. I loved watching him start out simply trying to learn some bedside manners, then claiming his sentient status, falling in love, exploring family life, and even dabbling with day dreaming—it was all fascinating and delightful.

1. Spock from Star Trek – The Original Series

For the top slot I have to go back to TOS. Spock was the ultimate straight man for Kirk. He also set the mold for a long line of Pinocchio characters in the franchise. Spock, Data, T’pal and even The Doctor are all characters who are struggling with their emotions and what it means to be human. They want to be a ‘real boy’ and that makes them lovable. Through his relationship with Kirk, Spock has also come to represent true friendship, sacrifice, and wisdom. With the latest movie he has grown so large that there had to be two of him. 😉 And I love how the character grew through the life of this powerful franchise.

Which characters are your favorites?

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