Even SciFi can’t make me like Family Guy.

I’ve always thought SciFi was like cheese or sugar. It makes anything more palatable. This week I was proved wrong.

I’m not a Family Guy fan—sorry, just not my taste in humor—but when my son brought home Family Guy – Blue Harvest and Family Guy – Something, Something, Something Dark Side I agreed to watch them. While I found a few of the jokes funny, overall it was odious. Not even Star Wars could make Family Guy entertaining for me. Sad.

I especially didn’t like the way they made Leia look bad at every turn.  And, according to my son, some of the more unappealing jokes weren’t aired on TV. Thank goodness.

I think humor is even more subjective than most types of fiction. I know lots of people love Family Guy, but I just don’t find it funny.  I don’t normally consider myself a prude or a defender of moral correctness, but the jokes more often make me shake my head than laugh. I’m just hoping I’m never forced to watch a Family Guy version of the Trek movies.

So, do you like Family Guy? Have you seen the Star Wars specials? If so, what did you think? What do you think makes humor work for some and not others?