Grimm – Getting Better

After the first episode of Grimm I was a little worried that this show would be a bit superficial, but three shows in, I’m liking it a lot more. There have been a few more difficult choices and more hints of a bigger plot hatching. I think the problem I’m still having has to do with the show’s star: David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt. I am just not buying him as a cop. He looks too pretty. The actor is doing a fine job, but the make-up department needs to take another think on this one.

I had a similar problem with Fringe and Anna Torv in the first few episodes. She was so pale and didn’t wear mascara. She looked a bit freakish and unreal. Sorry Anna! When they changed up her make-up I was less distracted and could see what a brilliant actress she is. Now, I think she is simply amazing.

So, am I the only shallow one in the bunch? What do you think of David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt? Do you see him as a cop, turned Grimm?

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