Not So Grimm Predictions

According to TV by the Numbers, NBC’s Grimm is sure to be renewed.  I‘ve been really enjoying the show, but these days shows tend to change in the second season—especially SciFi shows. Usually, the first season is episodic and the second season dives farther into the over-arching story. I think this is because it makes it easier for viewers to pick-up the show in the middle of the first season. The story arc has not become such a big factor that people get lost if they haven’t been watching from the beginning. So, we can probably expect things to change next season.

Here are a few of my not so grim predictions:

  1. Monroe will continue to be a vital part of the show. They’d be foolish to lose this awesome character.
  2. Captain Renard’s true identity will be revealed to Nick, but it won’t really be his true identity but more deception.
  3. The Reapers will return.
  4. Holt will return and cause problems for Nick.
  5. Juliette will not make it past episode one of season two. She might even die dramatically in a season cliffhanger that will toss us deeper into the world of the Grimm.  It is pretty clear she is a side character this season and spouses of detectives always seem to fade into obscurity. In early episodes they serve to humanize the character, but by the end of the first season they are superfluous.  Personally, I’d really love to see them turn her into a full on, ass-kicking character to fight alongside Nick, but alas, the odds are against it.
  6. This one I’m not too sure about, but Hank might be replaced by a female detective to make things more complicated for Nick and give him a more central love interest.

So now you’ve heard my predictions, what are yours?