Doctor Who 50th Special: Day of the Doctor

doctor whoI waited a good amount of time to allow people a chance to watch this AMAZING special.

Unless you’ve been captivated by some other trivial entertainment, this has been the most monumental year for Doctor Who, it is the 50th anniversary of this iconic show.

Doctor Who has a loooooong history, but here’s the basic gist for those reluctant to ask and too lazy to do an internet search:

The Doctor (we have no clue what his real name is) is a 900+ year old alien with two hearts from a planet called Gallifrey. He travels around in his spaceship called the T.A.R.D.I.S. (Time and Relative Dimensions In Space) which looks like a police box but is much, much bigger on the inside. When he grows old or is gravely injured, he regenerates into a new body. Hence, why there are 13 (SQUEE!) Doctors.  He travels around different worlds with his companions. Occasionally, he has to battle horrible creatures such as the Daleks (the iconic monster of the franchise) and the weeping angels (I am seriously scared of statues because of them).

There is a distinction between the Classic Doctors (Doctors#1-#8). The new Doctor Who was revamped in 2005 with Christopher Eccleston as the 9th Doctor. Then it has been David Tennant (sigh) as the 10th and Matt Smith as the 11th. It has been announced that Peter Capaldi will be debuting as the 12th Doctor later this year.

Now. That may have swam through your head. Just give it time (snicker) and have a jelly baby (snicker,snicker).

Before anyone laments that they have no idea where to start or if they even should, I will ease your worries with my own intro to Doctor Who.

I did not grow up with Doctor Who. I only saw references in Simpsons and Rugrats (no joke there are a bunch of Doctor Who references in there) but I passed it off. It wasn’t until I was out of town for a wedding, bored on a couch, surrounded by my nieces and nephews, when the father to be ordered me to watch this. It was the first episode of the 2005 season with Eccleston. He promised I would enjoy it. He didn’t even set me up for it. Didn’t even go through the history. Just turned it on and walked away. Fully knowing what he was creating: another Whovian.

He has forever been my favorite person in the whole wide world.

Everything changed with that first episode. It was great. It had action, an engrossing story, british accents, aliens, time travel. Oh I was so happy. Once I came back home, I was desperate to watch more.

Except I didn’t have cable and it was BBC America.

Then I discovered the longest running Doctor Who fan club right here in LA. Right near where I lived. Thanks to the Time Meddlers of Los Angeles, I had a way to watch. That’s where I learned the deep,deep,deep history and fandom of Doctor Who. Try being surrounded for one hour by devoted Whovians and your brain will be addled.

Yet, I have not devoted any time to watching the classics. It must be a sign of the times, but the production aesthetic of the classics take me away from enjoying it. And the stories can be really outdated and even more distracting.  I still respect the history and kudos to those who enjoy them. Thanks to the devotion of classic Whovians, the history stays alive.

Now. Does that ease your mind a little bit? How about this:

What’s so remarkable about the special is that you don’t have to know about Doctor Who that well. By the time you get to the MOST AMAZING PART OF THE WHOLE SPECIAL (breathe…breathe…) you are so excited, you can feel the history and the future of the series culminating at this one SUPER AWESOME MOMENT (breathe….breathe…) that you just feel the love for Doctor Who. You can feel all the years of devotion and love for this series swelling. Whether your watching solo or surrounded by group of strangers, you feel it.

What other show does that?! What other show unifies the world (I am not exaggerating, people from Korea, Switzerland, and other parts stayed up early to watch the simultaneous broadcast. Nationwide, Doctor Who BEAT Hunger Games in terms of ratings.)

I will not tell what happens during the special. I will not spoil it.

As River Song would say: SPOILERS

I will allow you to find the Easter eggs, if you’re a fan. There are plenty of websites that will detail the Easter eggs. I will allow the wonder to creep into you as you watch it.

I’m still reeling from it. I watched a screening while I was at Long Beach Comic Con. I watched it in an AMC theater surrounded by adoring fans. I’m going to watch it at the upcoming Time Meddlers meeting. I’m just so happy.

All I can say is, I hope you get a chance to watch the special. If you watch nothing else from Doctor Who, watch the special.

For more awesome goodness, I would also direct your eyeballs to these videos:

1.  The trailer

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3.  Geek and Sundry Vlogger’s History of Who

There are so many videos on Doctor Who. Enjoy everyone! Let’s see who will admit to being a Whovian or who has just become one…