Snow White and the Huntsman – Clips and trailers, how many are too many?

Long before you could watch movie trailers on the internet, people complained that some trailers spoiled the movie. If you’ve heard every joke a comedy has to offer, how can you enjoy it the first time you see it in the theater? And then there is the build up and anticipation. Does it help or hurt the movie?

I’m sure the quality of the movie is a factor, but maybe not the only one. The Avengers was awesome, but I still remember thinking—while watching it for the first time—that it was odd that it took so long to get to the battle scenes where most of the clips in the trailers had been pulled from. I still enjoyed the movie, but the experience might have been better if I hadn’t had some part of my brain looking for the clips to show up.

Now days it seems as if we demand not only one trailer, but lots of trailers, clips, and insider info. Snow White and the Huntsman is out this weekend, so I hoped online and found about nine clips from the movie. After the first one I was psyched for the movie, after the ninth not so much.  Now I just can’t decide if I want to see it on the big screen or not. I certainly won’t be there on opening night.

Not because the trailers are look bad—it looks like a beautiful movie. Certainly it has one of my favorite action actors, Chris Hemsworth,  and Charlize Theron has always impressed me(though in the clips her role looks a bit over-acted). It is just that after watching the clips, I feel as if I’ve already seen a lot of the movie. Maybe enough to wait for it on the small screen.

What do you think of the prevalence of trailers and clips? Does this help or hurt a movie for you?