Loaning e-books – what’s you’re take?

kindle3In the last few years we’ve all seen many changes in the book biz. Most of us group up turning paper pages and curling up with a good book. The rise of the e-books has changed some things about the reading experience, but there’s one thing it hasn’t changed… We can still loan a book to friend. At least if we both have the same e-reader.

I’m always love telling people who haven’t discovered this on their own. There is nothing like being able to pass a good book on to someone who wouldn’t have found it any other way.

But I know many authors might not be as excited by this. Years ago, I heard authors complain about second-hand book-selling. Loans are clearly different–no money changes hands–but it I’ve seen online groups organize to loan books among strangers. That’s obviously about saving money, just as shopping at second-hand books stores (something I did a lot when I was a struggling student).

In case you’re not familiar with how Kindle lending works, you have to log into your Kindle account and select the book to loan to a specific email address. Amazon, emails the person you’re lending to and gives them a link to send the book to their Kindle (or Kindle app). While the borrow has the book, the lender can’t open the book on their own Kindle (just like they wouldn’t be able to read a physical book while it was loaned to a friend). When the borrower is through with the book, it is removed from their account and unlocked on the lenders account.

Cool? Or no big deal? Big brother-ish? Or just plain wrong? You decide.

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