Guest Post: How do you approach reading a series?

Please welcome my friend Abigail Sharpe to the blog today. Abigail writes stories of love and laughter and happily ever afters (great tag line, huh?). She’s had several short stories published around the web and is a 2010 Golden Heart finalist. She also blogs at and

From Abigail….

Reading Towers of Midnight. The 12th book of a 13-book series. Long awaited. Highly anticipated. Shout out to Robert Jordan here. I was sad to hear of your passing. You are a great storyteller, sir, and have given me many hours of entertainment and enjoyment.

The Eye of the World series started in 1990 (I think). I picked up the first book around 1993 and bought them faithfully when they were released for the next 18 years. But the problem is I don’t remember half of what was in the stories written in 1993 to 2009. There are people. They do things. Stuff happens. This happened to me with C.L. Wilson’s Lord of the Fading Lands¬†series. But I got smart with those – I bought them but didn’t read them. (Except for the first two. I couldn’t help myself.) Now that they’re all out, I can read without the dreaded release break. And let’s not even get started with Diana Gabaldon.¬†

Does this happen to you? Do you ever NOT start a book because it is part of the series and instead wait for the series to be complete? Or do you devour the books as soon as they’re released, then wait a year or two for the next one?