Guest Post – What do SciFi Fans think of Being Human?

Today, I’m happy to welcome my good friend, Lis’Anne of the Chicks in the Kitchen blog, who is looking for opinions from some die hard SciFi fans. I thought she might find a few of those here.  <g>

It’s Not Sci-Fi, But…

Thank you for letting me tap into the expertise of your followers, Miss Sci-Fi Girl.  I never considered myself a science fiction fan, but it dawned on me last night while watching Total Recall (nothing good was on any of my other favorite channels, i.e. History, Discovery, or TLC) that I’ve always been one.  Although the special effects were a tad on the cheesy side (it was the 80s after all—at least I think it was the 80s), I was totally enthralled again just like the first time I saw it in the theater.  After that was Terminator 3 and I couldn’t believe we hadn’t seen it, followed by Judge Dread.  I loved them all!  I first started watching sci-fi in the early 70s with Star Trek then Space 1999 and on to Flash Gordon.  I guess I sort of lost my way when I discovered historical romance novels at the age of 13.  I found paranormal romance about 10 years ago and fell in love with it, as well.

A few weeks ago—again when nothing else was on—I flipped to the Sci-Fi channel and the very first episode of Being Human was on.  Although it’s a vampire/werewolf/ghost show, it’s still “out there” and my husband and I got caught up in it.  We now have to watch it every week, but my question is, how does it rate with those in the know?  Are the special effects good?  The acting excellent?  I keep thinking Josh is an over-actor and he sometimes annoys me, but when he turns into a ww it’s so freaking freaky!  KWIM?  And when Aiden’s eyes turn black and fangs grow it looks so real + the dude is a hot-hotty!  I need to know how everyone else feels about this show.

Is it good, bad, or just so-so in your opinion?

Being Human airs Mondays 9/8c on the SyFy Channel.