Catching Up On Stargate Atlantis

I’m a Stargate fan all the way back to the original movie (even though the end got seriously weird), but I was never able to watch Stargate Atlantis (SA) with any regularity when it was first run. My newly minted Netflix subscription has given me the power to go back and watch the series in its entirety.  I’ve finished the first season and a few episodes from season two.

Here are five things I’ve learned:

  • Zero Point Modules look surprisingly similar to Tiffany lampshades.
  • Shepherd is a babe magnet for ascended women.
  • Living in a Wraith infested galaxy leads to fanatical cultures.
  • Even if you design your spaceships to be cylinders so they will fit through the Stargate, you can still get them stuck in the ring.
  • Even on a floating city that has to have tons of walkways with great views, Shepherd would rather go jogging on the catwalk bridge in the city’s vast basement.

Five things I’m hoping will be explained in upcoming episodes:

  • Why does the city of Atlantis have a vast basement with a catwalk bridge?
  • Why did people in a city surrounded by water feel the need to put boxes of bubbling water all through the city?
  • In a city that has technology that senses the Atlantis gene and activates systems based on that AND was under siege and at war with aliens forever, why would they have biosensors that can’t tell the difference between types of life forms?
  • Why doesn’t the Atlantis super-duper database have instructions on how to recharge or build new Zero Point Modules?
  • Why doesn’t anyone on Atlantis ever go swimming?

Questions for SA fans:

    • Which SA character would you most like to be?
    • Which SA character would you most like to spend a day with and why?
    • Which SA character would you least like to spend a day with and why?

Looking forward to your insights on this version of the Stargate franchise!