Can a great book kill a career?

Sheild's Lady CoversThis one nearly did. Shield’s Lady was the third in a trilogy of ground breaking futuristic romances that nearly tanked NYT bestselling author Jayne Ann Krentz’s career. This book had to be released under the name Amanda Glass to  limit the damage. After that experience she switched to regency-set romance and the name Amanda Quick to continue telling the marriage of convenience stories she’d originally hoped to set in the Lost Colonies world. Not really a tragedy as I love her Quick books too. Later in her career she went back to writing futuristic romances under the name Jayne Castle. Thank goodness the reading public discovered how great these books are! This personal favorite of mine is definitely worth digging up if you’re a fan of any of her pseudonyms.

What I loved about the heroine:

Sariana is courageous and bossy in the face of the hero’s dangerous reputation. She’s a buttoned downed business woman trying to prove herself in a clan of flamboyant jewelers.

What I loved the about the hero:

Gotta love a guy who can manage to be both appalled by and attracted to the heroine at the same time.

Other stuff I love about the book:

Like all of JAK’s books this one is full of wit and humor. The characters are so compelling that they could carry the story alone, but there is also some very clever world building for those of us who want to dive into a fascinating place and culture.

Sensuality level: Sensual

Genre: Futuristic romance

Primary format: Print

Publication date: 1989