SciFi Potpourri

It seems the world has been a crazy place lately, with revolts and epic blizzards all around. I hope you are fairing well! My own little world has had it’s share of minor chaos this week, so you’re getting a SciFi Potpourri from me today. Thanks in part to a hand injury I’ve been reading more, so look for book recommendations coming this weekend. Now on to the Potpourri…

Want to test your Fringe theories?
Fringe fans, if you love to speculate about where the show is going, how many universes there are, what the observers are really up to, then you’ll love The Fringe Podcast. This is a fan run podcast that encourages fan participation in the speculation and show discussions. They also provide an excellent weekly recap if you miss an episode and they seem to have an inside track with the show producers and cast. You can get the inside scoop on the real life Velvet Sedan Chair albums, secret message glyphs in the show, and the occasional insider interviews. It is professional quality production for fanatical Fringe fans.

What if Spock had been a woman?
I’ve been re-watching the Enterprise prequel series set in the Star Trek universe on I really never got into it when it originally aired, but it is much better than I remembered. The Enterprise’s science officer is a Vulcan woman and the relationship she develops with the captain is a slightly odd version of the relationship between Spock and Kirk. They develop the trust and friendship thing pretty well with occasional boy-girl undertones. Luckily, the captain isn’t Kirk who probably couldn’t have kept his professionalism as well as Enterprise’s Captain Archer.

Sightings and Shout Outs
Just thought I’d mentioned some other stuff going on around the web. Shawn Kupfer of the Contact – Infinite Futures blog and the recently released 47 Echo Carina Press e-book, was interviewed on Dragon Page Cover to Cover this week. Way to go Sawn!

What is everyone else up to? If I missed any good book releases or SciFi news, please shout it out in the comments.