Author Interview: M. Mitns


Today at Smart Girls we’re happy to host author M. Mitns!

SGLSF: What books had an influence on you growing up?

M. MITNS: When I was growing up, I tended to read horror.  I think I liked the suspense element the most.  I kept reading wondering if the characters would make it out alive.  I had to find out what would happen next.

SGLSF: What attracts you to the romance genre, particularly SF/futuristic romance?

M. MITNS: I like to see how the genre explores relationships, whether it is between humans and aliens or set in some sort of futuristic or completely different world.

SGLSF: What do you feel makes an engaging hero/heroine?

M. MITNS: The most engaging heroes and heroines, to me, are ones that I can relate to or feel the emotions that they are going through.  They also are engaging when they make me want to know more about them or they’ve brought me into their life.

SGLSF: Where is your favorite place to write and why?

M. MITNS: I don’t really have a favorite place.  I write at on a desk at home.  I can’t really write anywhere else unless you count thinking of the ideas, characters, and outlines that go into the making of the story as part of writing.  Then I can write anywhere.

SGLSF: Please tell us a bit about your most recent project.

M. MITNS: The most recent science fiction romance is Naya’s Invasion.  Naya is a commander in the alien invasion.  She is assigned quotas to meet, but goes off track when she becomes interested in a human, a doctor named Dante.  Naya tries to keep her secret but others start to become suspicious.

My most recent project was Kantanaa.  It is a cozy paranormal mystery with a romance theme about a girl, Amali, who can’t stand a popular band named Kantanaa.  She works in a hotel, which happens to be the same hotel the band will be staying at.  A special made guitar belonging to the mysterious lead singer, Levi, goes missing, and Amali has the power to help him.

SGLSF: If you were a time traveler where would you go?

M. MITNS: If I was a time traveler I would definitely go to ancient Egypt during the time the Cleopatra and the Pharaohs ruled.  I would have to try and see one of Prince’s shows (and a lot of other people) back towards the beginning of his career when he performed in clubs.  I’d visit the future to see if teleporting, hover boards, and floating cars ever became a real life thing and what happened to our technology.   Then I’d go visit myself in the past.  I wouldn’t meet myself.  I’d just leave some money.

SGLSF: What future scientific advancements would you like to see?

M. MITNS: I’d like to see teleporting. It would be great for going anywhere but only if it was faster and cheaper than driving and flying.  I’d also like to see virtual reality progress so it would become more like an actual reality and we could attend real time events like concerts, festivals, conferences, and maybe even explore other cities and feel like we are there.  Then we could attend things out of state or country without leaving home.

Check out the short story as part of the Fallen Invasion Series.



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