Trip Report – Day Seventeen, Deneb Resort & Grim

The Deneb resort is still under construction, but we have comfortable rooms and lots of space to wander. The weather is good and the people are friendly. Who could ask for more. Spent most of today hiking. Tomorrow I’m sitting by the lake with an umbrella drink all day.

Last night some of us gathered in the rec room to watch the pilot for Grim.

I thought it was okay. Not great. Not bad. Just okay. I could shred it, but hey, I crave more weird on TV. But they are really going to have to step it up if they’re going to keep it on the air. Okay, maybe I will shred it just a little.

The crime solving was pretty weak and way too dependent on coincidence. I did like the potential comic sidekick. I hope he makes a regular appearance. The main character was likeable enough, if he gets a clue. The rest of the characters didn’t really leave an impact. But ya’ gotta love the shiny silver trailer full of Grim secrets.

Anyone back home watching it?

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