Trip Report – Day Five, Deep Space

After recovering from my space sickness, I settled in to do some reading. There are some pretty awesome books out this week.

First, one of my very favorite SFR authors is CJ Barry. Her second installment in her latest series, Body Thief, is now out! I did a post on book one, Body Master, some time back. Recap = loved it!

One of my favorite gal pals, Eden Glenn, has a story the recently released anthology, Once Upon a Twisted Tale. Her twisted retelling of the Headless Horsemen story will raise your eyebrows and delight your daring side. I’ll let her tell you more about it in a guest post coming soon.

Oh, and let’s not forget—they’re back!!!! The Walking Dead season two is here.

It isn’t a book, but it is definitely awesome entertainment. A really cute guy I met at lunch today let me download the first episode from his ipad to my ipod. Does this mean we’re intimate now? *blush* Or more importantly, did my ipod catch the walker virus during the transfer, oh my.

One more bit of news to share. There is a new SFR review site out there. Be sure to check it out at:

6 thoughts on “Trip Report – Day Five, Deep Space

    • Thanks, Steph. Glad you’re enjoying the post.

      Re the view – inside the ship it is pretty normal. I’m not sure of the tech that makes that possible, but there is lots of cool tech on this boat. Being able to be in contact with earth at all during FTL is pretty wild. When we do look outside we mostly see a vast shapeless haze. There are areas of more intensity and hues but that’s about it.

      I’m happy to report my iPod seems to be fine. It hasn’t tried to eat anything yet.

  1. Oh, I can’t wait to watch the first episode – been out of town and can’t seem to catch up. Of course I just got home Tuesday night and had to spend yesterday helping my son pack up for his move clear across the country! Let me know what you think of the opener!
    Have you been sick?

    • Hi Julia. Thanks for takign time to stop by when you are so crazy busy. My kiddo recently moved out, but happily so. He just moved across town. 😉

      The opened of the Walking Dead was intense and creepy. Perfect! And man can they work the cliff hangers.

      Not sick – unless you count an ankle swollen up about 3 times normal size. I did have a bit of space sickness from the jump to FTL on my trip to Deneb Resort. That’s right, I’m blogging from my vacation trip through space–I thought a change of pace would do me some good. *grin*

  2. Welcome home, Charile. 🙂 I hope you enjoyed your trip. (Did you find the Monolith out there anywhere on your journeys?? ;))

    • Hi JD! Not actually back yet. We got a pretty good look at the home solar system. If we were going to see a monolith it probably would have been there. We didn’t see it and I’m just fine with that. 😉

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