Frostbound gives the phrase “bad dog” new meaning.

He was looking at her as if he’d just decided she might be good to eat—in more ways than one. Worse, she wanted to respond.

Talia swallowed hard, putting all her defiance into her eyes. Refusing to cave.

“Bad Dog!”

I loved this exchange in Frostbound by Sharon Ashwood.

Lore is an alpha hellhound and acting Sheriff of Fairview on the eve of the first election in which a vampire is running for public office. When a young human woman is murdered her vampire cousin Talia is the obvious suspect, but Lore isn’t so sure she’s guilty. Until he can figure things out, he’s determined to keep Talia close.

Talia was raised to hunt monsters and she stuck with the family business until a vampire King turned her into the undead in an act of vengeance. Now she is a rogue vampire, and with her last remaining ally dead, she’s alone. Then she meets (well is taken prisoner by) Lore who teaches her that a hellhound can be woman’s best friend…and her soulmate.

This author crafts unforgettable characters and weaves them into a fascinating community, set in an intriguing urban fantasy like world. Highly recommended!

What I loved about the hero: Lore is a good guy, really, and determined to make a better life for his people. Oh, and he CAN’T lie. Apparently, it is a hellhound trait. Where do I sign up for a hellhound mate?

What I loved about the heroine: Talia proves time and again that she is willing to put others before herself.

Other cool stuff: There are some great secondary characters in Frostbound. Too many to name. I loved all of these characters and the world they inhabit. I also loved the dialog and wordsmithing in this book and I put together a post, with excerpts, on that over at my author blog.

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Primary format: Mass Market

Publication date: June 2011

Publisher: Signet Eclipse

I picked up Frostbound at a publisher book signing at this year’s RWA National conference, mostly because I loved the cover. It was just luck that it turned out to be a fantastic read. It’s part of The Dark Forgotten series of related books, but the author did a good job of making it stand alone and I will definitely put the rest of the series on my TBR list.


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    • Hmm, good question. The hero in this book had shown selflessness in the past by going back into hell repeatedly to rescue or ransom his people, but in the present he was determined to have the heroine even when the pack believed she would keep the pack from producing any children.

      I also think I fall back on this virtue due to the format of my recommendations. Talia also had great humor as seen in my excerpts post here:

      She was also extremely alone. Abandoned by everyone who should have been there for her. It doesn’t sound like a trait to brag on, but her survival and ability to hold onto her compassion certainly are.

  1. Charlie thanks for reminding me my copy is on my shelf to read, love the whole series so far and you really need to get the rest of the books now.

    When Sharon Ashwood started The Dark Forgotten series and I read the very first book I was hooked, it was spooky, dark, edgy and just a ton of fun reading.

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