Five monsters I don’t want to meet in a dark alley.

As I have said many times before, I love monsters. It’s not just that I love monster stories, I love the monsters themselves. Mostly. But here are five monsters that I really don’t love. It is probably no shock that my lack of love for them probably says more about me that about them. It all goes back to what really scares me.

5. The Blob
The blob mad its big screen appearance in the 1958 American horror classic of the same name. I saw the movie at a drive in with my sister sometime in the 70s. She was a teenager and I was still a small fry. As the movie went on I pulled my feet up into the seat. I still fear things oozing out of unexpected places.

4. The bug demon from Constantine
This one probably goes back to my dislike of bugs in general. I grew up in Florida and I sometimes think it is the bug capital of the world. While Palmetto bugs no longer have the power to send me screaming, swarms of bugs are pretty gross. Worse, I had a pretty terrifying experience as a child being swarmed by angry honey bees. A kind guy on a motorcycle (dressed in leather) stopped and carried me down the street and away from the swarm. That could also have something to do with my love of guys on motorcycles…and guy in leather…but I digress.

3. The giant sea worms from Deep Rising
The tentacle and teeth creatures in this 1998 universally panned action/horror flick supposedly evolved from deep-sea worms which strip their prey of all body liquids then eject the carcass. That’s just gross. The fact that it is loosely based on real creatures just makes it worse.

2. The face huggers from the Alien franchise
It is not so much that they a baby alien will burst out of your chest when these nasty face huggers are through with you. In fact, the acid blooded aliens don’t worry me so much. It is knowing the face huggers scrabble out of those big eggs grab you and stick their gross parts down your throat to lay and egg of some sort. Then you have to just deal with knowing it’s there. Again, gross! I hate anything that makes me feel helpless.

1. Poltergeist
The monster that scares me the most isn’t really a monster so much as a ghost. The 1982 movie, Poltergeist, really terrified me, Honestly, all malicious ghosts scare me. I think it has to do with the fact that the potential for terribleness that exists in people is far scarier than anything my imagination can create. It also goes back to the helplessness issue. Ghosts are already dead, so how can you put an end to them? If the ghost of an evil person could with the living world it would be a pretty unstoppable source of evil.

What monsters do you like or dislike?

14 thoughts on “Five monsters I don’t want to meet in a dark alley.

    • Great old clip!
      The Aliens are scary, but in a fun way for me. Bigfoot, the abominable snow man, the loch ness monster… these are the ones I love to love.
      Isn’t it great that we all react differently to different monsters? I think I’ve reacted differently at different times in my life, too.

  1. My scary Monsters are Cujo, the huge killer shark from both the Jaws movies and the movie Deep Blue, and last but not least the flying menace that almost took out a town, the Bats in the movie starring Lou Diamond Phillips. What is fun about this post for me is you picked some booger bears that we all have enjoyed “squirming” in our seats over while watching the movies!

    • Oh! Those sharks that swim backwards were super cool and very scary! Things that want to eat me are also high on my list of scary things. LOL

  2. Okay, the one that still scares me are those alien pods that cloned themselves from human hosts in Invasion of the Body Snatchers. I especially hated the remake because one of those pods copied a man and his dog. I was grossed out for weeks.

  3. I’ll second all of those listed in the post and comments. I am such a wuss 😛 Bugs give me the biggest creeps, though, so between the demon swarms and the bug-like Aliens? Yeah. Freaked me out.

    Oh, and I’d like to off an amendment to your title: “Five Monsters I Don’t Want to Meet in a Dark Alley…or a Lighted One, for That Matter.” 🙂

  4. Count me in the bug-based monster-haters group, especially roaches and spiders. Roaches because they just nasty. And spiders because they can spin some web and drop down on you from the ceiling while you’re sitting on the couch, minding your own business, watching the season opener of Warehouse 13, commenting on a blog… to give a totally random example. Ahem. Pardon me while I go turn on a few more lights.

  5. My husband had a copy of Poltergeist when we got married and I swear it held very bad juju. I made him get rid of it. The worms in Tremors were pretty bad. I think the scariest monsters are those who hide in plain sight, like Tom Cruise, Lestat, in Interview with the Vampire.

  6. The only movie I’ve seen out of the ones you listed is Poltergeist. I know, I haven’t seen Aliens! it’s shocking1 *grin*

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