Guest Post – What do SciFi Fans think of Being Human?

Today, I’m happy to welcome my good friend, Lis’Anne of the Chicks in the Kitchen blog, who is looking for opinions from some die hard SciFi fans. I thought she might find a few of those here.  <g>

It’s Not Sci-Fi, But…

Thank you for letting me tap into the expertise of your followers, Miss Sci-Fi Girl.  I never considered myself a science fiction fan, but it dawned on me last night while watching Total Recall (nothing good was on any of my other favorite channels, i.e. History, Discovery, or TLC) that I’ve always been one.  Although the special effects were a tad on the cheesy side (it was the 80s after all—at least I think it was the 80s), I was totally enthralled again just like the first time I saw it in the theater.  After that was Terminator 3 and I couldn’t believe we hadn’t seen it, followed by Judge Dread.  I loved them all!  I first started watching sci-fi in the early 70s with Star Trek then Space 1999 and on to Flash Gordon.  I guess I sort of lost my way when I discovered historical romance novels at the age of 13.  I found paranormal romance about 10 years ago and fell in love with it, as well.

A few weeks ago—again when nothing else was on—I flipped to the Sci-Fi channel and the very first episode of Being Human was on.  Although it’s a vampire/werewolf/ghost show, it’s still “out there” and my husband and I got caught up in it.  We now have to watch it every week, but my question is, how does it rate with those in the know?  Are the special effects good?  The acting excellent?  I keep thinking Josh is an over-actor and he sometimes annoys me, but when he turns into a ww it’s so freaking freaky!  KWIM?  And when Aiden’s eyes turn black and fangs grow it looks so real + the dude is a hot-hotty!  I need to know how everyone else feels about this show.

Is it good, bad, or just so-so in your opinion?

Being Human airs Mondays 9/8c on the SyFy Channel.

19 thoughts on “Guest Post – What do SciFi Fans think of Being Human?

  1. Well, most here know how I feel about true SF. And this supposed Science Fiction channel in question has, to me, gone astray with much of its programming. Now it’s not that I don’t like vamps and weres sometimes. (overdone to a burned crisp in the media though) It’s just that Being Human is a remake from a gone bad British show. But you know what? It wasn’t too terribly bad. But I think SF channel completely over does it by airing repeats of this show so many times each week it makes me go ugh. All while I am mourning the loss of SGU (Stargate Universe) which they cancelled. Well, you get the picture. I am a die hard SF geek/fan. Oh and I do love Merlin, (fantasy take on the Arthurian legends) which SF sandwiched between bouts of wrestling on Friday nights! Anyway, that’s my take.

  2. I never saw the BBC version so this was new to me. I liked it mostly because they managed to make the vampire and werewolf dangerous but likeable–just the way I like my monsters. The ghost is a waste of space for the most part, except maybe she humanizes the guys.

    I think the effects are done well for a weekly. Simple and not overdone, but not silly.

  3. Haven’t watched it, but now that I know it’s a remake of a British show, I’ll probably track down the original. And watch it on Siffy.

  4. I saw a few episodes of the BBC original but haven’t seen the US version yet. The Brit show was okay, but I’m not making time for the new take. And I agree with Kaye: The SyFy Channel tends to rerun their shows ad nauseum, making it easier to catch a missed episode but annoying as heck when you’re jonesing for something new/different.

    And just what is up with showing WWF wrestling on that channel??? I know it’s fake, but come on! 😉

  5. Haven’t watched it. My husband watched it once and he found the premise interesting but it didn’t hold his interest beyond one episode.
    I’m waiting for A Game of Thrones to begin and The Walking Dead to begin again!

    • A Game of Thrones? That sounds interesting. I haven’t seen any ads for it. What’s it about? The Walking Dead sounds far too creepy for me. We saw the movie The Evil Dead about 25 years ago and I had nightmares for months afterwards. My kids saw it a couple of years ago and still laugh at me for freaking out over what they considered a dud. :-\

  6. I’m a HUGE fan of the original BBC show. It has edge, humanity, complexity and really good writing. Not to mention enduring characters with quirks that make each of them stand out. I think the original actors just bring a little something extra to the show that I couldn’t see from the US knock off. Mitchell’s darkness is countered by his shades of humor and George’s somewhat nerdy and awkward disposition (an Awesome juxtaposition for his character turning into a werewolf) and Annie’s sweet calmness counters them both and holds the household together. Shows usually get stale after a while but I’m still glued to my screen on Season 3 as if it were the first season.

    I’m a big SF fan but then again I like paranormal/UF stuff as well so I was hooked from ep 1. 🙂

  7. I totally agree with you. I got really spoiled when I had a used book store. I gave the book a chapter, sometime three, then traded in for another. But I do have books I read every year like the Liaden Universe. Linnea Sinclair, Catherine Asaro. I read the Miles Vysorkian books about every four years.

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