No Ordinary Fami….huh? Did I fall asleep?

ABC has launched a new genre series, another emerging superpower show called  No Ordinary Family. What makes this one different is that it focuses on a whole family that has been transformed, shaking up their suburban lifestyle.

The Bad
The popular star power ABC recruited for the show doesn’t even come close to making up for a complete lack of interesting story. The tone of the series reminds me of a family sitcom sans humor. It obviously aims to be a family show, but I can’t imagine any kids I know sitting through one of these yawner episodes that focus more on the adults than the kids.

The Less Bad
The relationship between the mother and father characters is sweet but unlikely. And Chiklis as the super strength dad is unconvincing as a disillusioned artist. I did like the marriage therapy bookends for the pilot, but that hasn’t been carried forward in the follow on episodes.

The Hopeful
There are scattered conspiracy teasers in each episode that offer hope that this series will go somewhere. Will I keep an eye on this show and hope for improvement? For a little while.

Weigh In
Am I being to harsh? Anyone enjoying this one?

Blog News
A bit of blog news, next week I’ll have a guest interview with Maria Zannini followed by a review of her upcoming release, True Believers. Be sure to stop in and chat with her while she is visiting.

Have a great weekend!

7 thoughts on “No Ordinary Fami….huh? Did I fall asleep?

    • My finger keeps hovering over the hulu link for The Event. It scared me when people compared it to Lost. I have trouble with non-linear story telling. So, you think I should give it a try?

      • I’ve heard the comparisons to “Lost”, but I really don’t see the similarities. The flashbacks happen a lot in the first episode, but not so much anymore. I say give it a shot. If you’re “eh” about the 1st episode, watch the 2nd episode anyway, cuz it clears up *a lot* of questions.

  1. I watched the first episode and I liked it, I didn’t love it but I did like it. But 50% chance I’m going to stick around for another episode

  2. I must say that I completely agree with you on all but one point: I don’t think it’s just the kids who will tune out of the yawn fest that this show delivered. I’m a LONG way past my youth, and I tuned out before it was done.

    You clearly have more patience than I.

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