Publisher Spotlights for the writers in the room….

SFR Brigade has been posting reports on the Publisher’s Spotlights at the recent RWA National Conference. If you’re a writer, you can find them here:

SFR Brigade also did some spotlights of their own a few months earlier. There are reports and interviews from Carina Press, Liquid Silver, Red Rose, Samhain, and more. Look for them in the Publisher Showcase links in the sidebar.

5 thoughts on “Publisher Spotlights for the writers in the room….

  1. Thanks so much for posting this, Charlie! St. Martins is one of my targets, and it’s encouraging to hear that they’re looking for something great, not just that 1 thing that can fill their 1 available slot.


  2. Thanks for the information, Charlie. And thanks for the link to your other great blog site. they are both ‘out of this world’!

  3. Thanks for posting, Charlie. I missed the Spotlights at Nationals. This is great information.

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