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Tomorrow we’ll have our first video game review. Nick (and yes boys are welcome on the blog as long as they have a fondness for smart girls and have at least one romantic bone in their body) will be reviewing video games with an eye toward playability and story. For the writers among us, video games are a great barometer for rising trends. Zombies anyone? They were big in video games before this recent boost in popularity in the book world.

Also coming up, book news from the RWA conference and a book recommendation.  Writers – you can see my Publisher Spotlight report for the SFR Brigade blog here:

I’m also hoping to have a movie review this weekend. Will it be Inception or Predators? Weigh in to let me know what you recommend or what you’d like to see reviewed on the blog.

4 thoughts on “Coming up on the blog…

  1. Is Predators a new movie? Or the old one with Arnie? I’ve heard great things about Inception. (That’s a new one, right?)

    Can’t wait for the video review. I tend to shy away from video games after working in an arcade for quite a few years, so I’m eager to see if it will change my mind. 🙂

    • Predators and Inception are both new. I can’t remember the last time I went to a new movie. I’m hoping it will be a reward for getting my requests sent out.

      Nick is doing the game reviews to help me out, but I did like the game he is reviewing. He’s done a great job, so it will be a fun read even for the non-gamers.

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