Are Kaylee and Simon reincarnated lovers?

One of the recent success stories for SciFi on TV this year has been Warehouse 13. Personally I don’t think this is great SciFi or even great TV, but it is a fun little show that only really came to life after the introduction of the character Claudia. I was seriously worried when she seemed to be disappearing from the show near the end of season one, but she is back in season two. Yay!

This show with its fascination for the past and weird gadgetry has a steampunk feel even if it is set in modern times. And there are, on occasion,  goggles!

But season two, episode two had a bit of a surprise. My jaw dropped when Simon and Kaylee from Firefly/Serenity appeared on-screen together. Warehouse 13 is set in the present and Firefly was set in the future, so, the couple on Warehouse 13 lived before Firefly’s time. Head spinning yet? Reminded me of the reincarnated lovers trope popular in the romance genre (my all time least favorite trope btw). Now the whole Simon/Kaylee thing takes on new meaning.

I do hope the star-crossed lovers are still together, living happily ever after in the future Whedon ‘Verse? I’ve heard folks argue that Joss Whedon prefers tragedy over romance. Often they reference Buffy’s screwed up love life on his Buffy The Vampire Slayer TV series or his work on Dr. Horrible’s Sing A Long Blog (which is hilarious but definitely a tragedy). I think Firefly/Serenity is proof that he does have romance in his soul. One relationship ended rather tragically in the movie, but one ended with hope, and the Kaylee and Simon got there long-awaited kiss. There is a sweet little video of them here: \

Both Firefly and Warehouse 13 are currently available on Let me know what you think. See you in the ‘Verse.