Where’s my Transporter?

I grew up watching Star Trek reruns. Amazing how many of the cool gadgets on the show have become everyday objects for us now.

The Communicator– aka the flip phone.

Of course this model was outdated by the time Star Trek TNG aired. We do have hands-free, but I’m guessing the tap your shirt communicators will be on the market soon.

Lt. Uhura’s communications thingy—aka The Bluetooth headset.

I was never real sure if this was just a fancy communicator that tapped into all frequencies or if it did some sort of translation, too. I’m sure there is a Star Trek gadget guide out their somewhere that would tell me.

The Tricorder—aka the hand held computer.

Spock thought he was so cool, but we had him beat with PDAs. He would probably show a little emotion for a smart phone.

All this stuff is neat, but what I really wanted was …

a Transporter!

What SciFi gadget is on your wish list?

10 thoughts on “Where’s my Transporter?

  1. Don’t forget the hypospray is an air needle. Got some of my shots with one of those.

    I think the transporter or the medical advances would be my two SF wishes. Who wouldn’t want the pill McCoy gave to the woman on dialysis that healed her?

    • Hi Anna! There was one episode of classic Trek where a blind woman had a dress that acted as a sensory array, feeding her data so she didn’t need to see. That was pretty cool. On TNG LaForge had the visor. something like that that augmented your senses (rather than replacing a missing one)would be cool.

  2. I think being transported would be creepy and I would no longer be myself. I think there was a TNG episode of that with Barclay or something? Like, who wants their DNA rearranged … if that was going to happen, at least they could shave a couple of pounds off when I got reassembled.

    I’m with the medical scanner, though. Hate needles. Hate ’em.

    • Hi GH Finalist! In the original series Dr. McCoy hated transporters. He was always complaining about not wanting to use them. Did you see Galaxy Quest? I definitely don’t want the transporter they used on the pig thing. Yikes!

  3. This is a very fun blog! There’s a great 2005 DVD called ‘How William Shatner Saved the World’. Besides being hysterically funny, it pointed out how many of our modern inventions like the cell phone and the talking computer started as plot devices on that show. If you get a chance, check it out.

  4. I’m familiar with Star Trek: TNG, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager. I have to say: the replicator. No more grocery or clothes shopping! I’m a fat woman so clothes shopping is a real pain.

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