3 things every sci-fi heroine needs…

One of the things that I love about sci-fi is the strong women. Sci-Fi girls have come a long way from the blue-skinned babes of early Star Trek. Here are three of my favorite sci-fi heroines that have what every sci-fi girl needs.


Ripley is one brave woman. In Aliens she heads into the monsters’ lair after a single lesson in handling the BFG (big freaking gun) from handsome Corporal Hicks. She goes in alone because by that time all the big tough soldiers have already been taken out of the picture by the slippery, acid-blooded aliens.


Samantha Carter of Star Gate is both a brilliant scientist and a skilled soldier. She routinely saves the day for the boys of SG1 and has left behind a string of bruised hearts to rival James T. Kirk.

An Independent Streak

Leia may have been a princess, but she was also a rebel. Any girl who could rock that hairstyle definitely knows how to blaze her own trail.

Who are your favorite sci-fi heroines? If you could be any sci-fi heroine, who would you be?

11 thoughts on “3 things every sci-fi heroine needs…

  1. I haven’t seen Aliens and didn’t watch StarGate Atlantis, but Princess Leia does indeed rock! “Aren’t you a little short to be a storm trooper?” Hee!

    I’m a big fan of Susan Ivonova from Babylon 5. Susan Ivanova. Ivanova is God. You will listen to Ivanova. Oh, and Jason Carter. *sigh* …where are those DVDs?

  2. I like Aeon Flux… google it for images. hot stuff and athletic too. I also like the heroine in Resident Evil.. Looks so cool with those shorts, chaps and big guns. She is the same actress that was in Fifth Element. Those are some of my favorites.

  3. Great choices, but my vote for best SF heroine goes to Sara Connor, the waitress who kicked the Terminator’s pa-tootie. But I do agree that Susan Ivanova of B5 runs a close second. I still miss that show.

    • I have to agree that Sara was pretty awesome. She had smarts, courage, and endurance.

      I love the whole Terminator franchise but the first two movies were the best. The first movie is an amazing love story (though not a romance by my definition). In the second movie, the scene where she is breaking out of the mental hospital in the beginning and Arnie’s “Come with me if you want to live” line are unforgettable.

    • I loved Serenity and Firefly! Great characters. Great dialog. So may good lines. My favorite River line, said to Jayne in an episode of Firefly…”I can kill you with my brain.” Favorite River line from the movie…”I swallowed a bug.” Do you have any favorite River moments?

      I can see why you wouldn’t want to be her, though. She’s a seriously challenged SciFi heroine. She has the courage and the smarts but doesn’t always have control enough to put them to good use. I’d much rather be Zoe.

      Okay, that was my Firefly fangirl moment for the day. LOL

  4. It’s a tough choice. I loved the women in Firefly: Zoe, Kaylee, Inara, and River. They were all so different which is pretty rare, still.

    I also love Sarah Connor, Ripley, and the Matrix women: Trinity and Niobe.

    But I guess I’ll have to go with my favorite Star Trek woman ever: Jadzia Dax. She’s smart, competent, and brave. She can fight a Klingon to a stand-still, play Tonga with a Ferengi, and yet she can be very feminine when she wants to.

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